Jola – our own take on Siri/Google Now/Cortana

Over the weekend, friends Aishvarya Krishnan, Kartikay Goyle and I have been trying to extend our personal interests in machine learning and natural language processing by creating a “Siri” of our own. Named “Jola”, we made a personal assistant that emphasizes on learning user habits and applying that to the future. We wanted to make Jola open-ended and independent of any single corporation so that its possibilities remain truly limitless. It doesn’t have to bundle other products by a big company, but rather, undividedly help users accomplish the simplest of things, like calling an Uber.

We named it Jola because it stands for ‘very tall, violet blossom’. We envisioned it as a concept without limit to its heights. Also, by integrating it with the most common APIs in our everyday lives, such as Venmo, Yelp, Wolfram Alpha, Snapchat, etc., Jola is like the go-to hub for daily routines. Rather than positioning it as simply a voice-based search engine, we wanted to make it social, where users can share with each other the number of times they have used each app/service everyday.

gallery gallery2 Photo Sep 22, 7 30 10 PM


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AI & Robotics graduate at Georgia Tech. Computer Vision at Lyft AV, Data Science at Spotify, macOS at Apple. Dual-degree from University of Southern California.

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