Childhood obsessions with hacking, lifehacking & and beyond

When I was reflecting on my “hacking” experiences growing up the other day, I noticed a memorable page of my life when I had the freedom to do whatever I want – elementary school. Following is a brief memoir.

As a young and very curious child, I’ve always been fascinated by the mystery of what goes on behind that 128MB computer & the Internet. My parents were worried that I’d be addicted to gaming however so they passcode-d everything at home. So I hacked both the XP and Vista systems on my family’s desktop by bypassing the login screen using BackTrack3, a cybersecurity flavored Linux that is later rebranded as Kali-Linux. It was soon before my parents found out and decided to unsubscribe our cable network service at home. My answer to that as a naive 10 year old was to crack my neighbor’s WEP encrypted WiFi. Yet I did not have access to a mobile device and mobile phones that supported WiFi then were north of $500. Unyielding as I was, I really hoped to get on the Internet and chat with my older brother who was all the way across at a different country. With about $200 of savings over New Year’s holidays, I invested in a NDS and quickly turned it into a mobile connectivity device as I loaded home-brew MSN, YouTube and etc. third party programs on there. Not to mention having 20 Dialogs and Palkias was the funnest moments in Pokemon. Over my most memorable times of childhood, I’ve flashed ROMs and jailbroken an iTouch, NDS, PSP, Wii and Android phone. As I changed my major to Computer Science recently, I’ve realized I’d became a lifelong hacker the day I met our home’s first PC.