2017 – A turnaround year?

2017 is a special and incredibly blessed year. From getting into one of the most highly regarded engineering school to landing an internship at a Series A startup, or from start to finish my GREs in 2 months while winning Awards from Facebook, Amazon and Qualtrics at Stanford’s TreeHacks, everything seems to be going the right way. What’s more, of the 5 upper-division 4-unit courses I’m taking this semester, I survived with straight As. To the people who’ve unwittingly or knowingly contributed to this unanticipated success, you know who you are. I want to say a big thank you, pat on your shoulders, and whisper a light sorry for my occasionally competitive temper. Because, among all these turnarounds (or successes, as some would call them), the biggest relief is getting back to being myself. Rest assured, to accomplish such productivity deserves accolades, yet, to do so barely walking out of an elongated period of depression and loss of purpose is surely a miracle. I concede, I may have come across as ignorant, overachieving, or even snobbish at times, but for those who don’t know what I was like 3 years ago, that’s never the true me. I despise winning at the cost of others’ loss. I may have unintentionally alienated some – here is my greatest respect and sincerest apology. Without all the friends and support I received on the way, I would never be here. And thankfully, I can finally re-live a stress-free summer. Going on roadtrips with my close friends – it turns out, is part of an indispensable social interaction that I thrive and depend on. Thanks to those who helped me walk out of a constraining abyss. I also understand that some of you have been waiting, or even disappointed, at my irregular schedule – and I once again want to acknowledge your patience in always being there for me. You’ll be forever remembered, and one day we shall get to be happy and carefree once again.

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AI & Robotics graduate at Georgia Tech. Computer Vision at Lyft AV, Data Science at Spotify, macOS at Apple. Dual-degree from University of Southern California.

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